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They love to tell you ...

My mom had a customer come in to the restaurant for dinner and animatedly described her ten day stay at the W Hotel in St. Louis:

"Young girls! High heels! Short skirts! Long legs! Blonde hair! Big boobs! Attitude! Free Red Bull! The tiniest room I've ever stayed in they call 'boutique'! Tiny little lolly pops on a big white plate before dinner!

But your kids would love it."

You mean this girl? The tiny little Asian who dresses up as cartoon characters at fan conventions, who spent the weekend drinking with middle-aged authors in a converted warehouse filled with floor to ceiling bookshelves, a DVD collection of every geeky television show known to man, and half the Lego Store, and the next day listened to them talk for six hours about the craft of writing in a gorgeous library in the middle of nowhere, then proceeded to drop $80 on three hardcover books and have them signed, but whose highlight of the weekend was going to a local cafe to get loose leaf tea.

That girl?
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Never Been Kissed

I started following Glee because of the music. For a while, the music was the only reason I watched it. I didn’t care for the baby mama drama that saturated the first season nor did I feel particularly attached to any of the characters ... at least, not at first.

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Happy Bunny Year!

With all the blizzard craziness, I nearly forgot that it's Chinese New Year! I'm so happy I actually have a reason to post this image! Gong Hay Fat Choy/Gong Xi Fa Cai and all that good stuff. Wishing you all a year filled with luck, health, wealth, and good eats!
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Evolution of Soul

I guess I'm feeling characteristically gushy, but I wasn't really paying MLK day much mind until I came across this tweet by Vienna Teng that really moved me: "Thank you MLK and all who worked alongside him, before him, and in the same spirit. I was born into the world that you spent your life building."

Coincidently, her song "Soon Love Soon" came up on my shuffle not too long after, which made me even more gushingly moved:

There'll be an evolution of the human soul
We will know that to be a part is to be truly whole
We will know the pattern of centuries' rise and fall
We will know that the fate of one is the fate of all

And we will be as one god
And we will be as one people

What can I say? I'm a sucker, a sap, and an idealist.

Thanks MLK.
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Happy 18th to Evanna Lynch


I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I love this girl, and it gives me an excuse to post a pic of her Luna awesomeness (Lion hat FTW!). They could not have casted a better Luna. I liked her in the books, but I adore her in the movies. Most perfect Luna ever.
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Writer's Block: Commercial Appeal

What is your favorite commercial from your childhood? Bonus points if you include a video of it.

Dum Dums Commercial 1991 (Link 2) (Link 3)

This is probably my favorite jingle to this day. My brother and I still have it memorized. We used to make a duet of it during long car rides. Definitely some of the most fun I had with my brother when we were kids.

Dum Dums were a staple of our childhood. This was all because the gas station my mom frequently went to gave out free Dum Dums to every kid who came in. (This was before you could pay at the pump with your credit card, so you always had to go inside the station to pay for your gas. Also, this was when gas was about $0.95 a gallon.) Because of that, I loved going to get gas.

Dum Dums Dum Dums Dum Be Do Be
Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum

Cherry and grape
Watermelon too
Grape soda
And apple lollipop for you

(Dum Dums)
So if you want a smile
Put one in your mouth a while

(Dum Dums) (Dum Dums)
Do Do Do Do Do Do Dodo Do Do
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoaaaaa
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Writer's Block: Birthday Shout-out

Happy birthday, J.K. Rowling! Which of her seven Harry Potter novels do you think is the most satisfying read?

It's Harry's birthday as well. Hee.

"Most satisfying" is an interesting way of phrasing it because it doesn't necessarily mean the same as "favorite". The one I that is most satisfying for me is Half-Blood Prince, but my favorite is Prisoner of Azkaban.

I love Prisoner because it's the one in the series that's almost entirely character and character relationship driven, and Lupin is my favorite character. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the full scope of his character (see Deathly Hallows), so that stays at the back of my mind when I think of Prisoner and makes it slightly less satisfying.

I really really enjoyed finally getting some payoff for Draco and Snape's characters in Half-Blood Prince, and I loved how the book mirrored Order of the Phoenix in many ways, which was great because I didn't enjoy Order very much. Plus there is the reveal of Remus/Tonks, which I didn't really enjoy the full scope of either, but in this case, it doesn't really make a difference because of the absurd, unreasonable joy it brings me. A shipper is as a shipper will do I suppose.

Looking at the other answers to this question, it's really interesting that no single book seems to dominating the answers (although I have yet to see anyone mention Chamber of Secrets). It's interesting to see how diverse Potter readers are and the variety of ways we connect to the series. I think that's what makes the whole phenomenon pretty incredible.
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Tastes of Brie

I've gotten into the habit of watching Chinese TV at night with my parents. It's part of my conscious effort to learn more Chinese. I usually just watch what they're watching, but there's actually a show I'm starting to like. My dad calls it "Chinese Power Rangers" because it's all heroes vs. villains with cheesy fight scenes and random exploding magical powers, not to mention historically inaccurate costumes and cheap wigs. They usually have it on just 'cause there's nothing else to watch at the time, and we sit around and make fun of it. It's so cheesy and cliche. Tonight there was this really over the top romantic scene with googley eyes and CG flower petals. At first I thought it was a rather stupid show, but it's one of those kind of shows with like a million characters and half a million subplot lines, so I guess I should have know there would be one I'm going to latch on to.

The last scene in tonight's episode was this girl, who was so obviously a baddie (from the way she was dressed and the way her make-up was done) bringing this obviously not baddie guy some information and food, and she teases him, telling him it's not poisoned. I don't follow the show regularly, so my parents confirmed how she was bad, but now they're not sure whose side she's on 'cause she started helping/protecting this guy who's good 'cause she likes him, but he likes someone else, and of course, I'm grinning ear to ear 'cause that's what I expected and hoped was the case 'cause I'm a dork, and that is my brand of cheesy. It's so Silverbolt/Black Arachnia (Beast Wars) or Marius/Eponine (Les Miserables). Gah, I love it. *socheesy*
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